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We are a non-governmental and non-profit organization that, through community development projects, empowers native churches among unreached peoples. Our goal is to be recognized by the local church as a reliable partner that offers effective tools.

We at Etnos believe that a relevant church in your community tends to be more effective in the process of evangelizing your own people.

Organizational structure

Although we have an organizational structure with well-defined functions, Etnos values ​​the maintenance of a plural and open environment, where decisions are made as a team, respecting and valuing all opinions.


The city of Chiang Mai

Our headquarters are located in the city of Chiang Mai, in northern Thailand, which is in one of the least evangelized regions in the world. This geographical location puts us in a logistically strategic position on the Asian continent as a whole.

Chiang Mai is also internationally recognized as one of the largest missionary hubs in the world, which gives us the opportunity to develop partnerships that enhance our work.

Our city also has numerous tourist spots, it is extremely safe, with a low cost of living in the midst of a modern and international environment.


Our target audience

Etnos works in support of the church and only from it. We believe that strategically we are more efficient in empowering native Christians so that they are more effective in the process of proclaiming the good news of the Gospel.

The communities where we operate are distinct from each other in cultural, religious and linguistic terms. For this reason, we seek to build a team that is extremely sensitive to these differences, but that is also very assertive in its actions.

What we look for

Etnos seeks people passionate about God and His Mission, lovers of human beings, who feel comfortable traveling to inhospitable places, who are creative, who value critical thinking and teamwork.

If you are looking for a ministerial opportunity that will propel you to the full exercise of your potential, where you will have great participation in decisions and will be part of the process of expanding the Kingdom of God where He is not yet known, this is your place!

Marketing and Social Media Coordinator

Workplace - Chiang Mai, Thailand

Reporting to - CEO

Main goal

The Marketing and Social Media Coordinator is responsible for the development and management of Etnos' marketing plan. He is responsible for the creation, implementation and monitoring of processes and procedures related to his area.


  • Coordinate and implement the marketing plans and goals according to the company's Strategic Planning;

  • Plan promotional advertising campaigns, relationship marketing, schedule market research and competitive intelligence;

  • Define strategies, media planning and implementation, institutional and promotional actions, advertising and visual communication;

  • Position the brand, plan and develop strategies to meet goals, define strategies and channels for external audiences, develop marketing studies for image evaluation and dissemination, strategies and action plans to achieve the company's marketing goals;

  • Lead the Media team.




  • Complete higher education (Marketing, Communication or related areas);

  • English basic level;

  • Excellent communication and relationship skills;

  • Criativity and innovation;

  • High problem-solving ability


  • Have previous experience in similar roles


  • Assistance in the acquisition of a work visa;

  • Monthly allowance (to be agreed);

  • Support in the fundraising process.


  • 40 hours a week

If you want to apply for this position, send an email with your resume attached with the job description in the subject to:

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