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In 2015 we started a partnership with a multi-ethnic church in the countryside of Myanmar. The church had a desire to be more relevant in its community and, even without the financial means to do so, already had a program to welcome children and adolescents from distant tribes and villages to come study at the small community school.

​The Unreached Peoples churches in general are very small compared to the size of churches in Brazil or in the US, an average of 10 to 30 members per community. Another very common feature is that these churches are located in the midst of a context of extreme poverty. This was the situation of this small Christian community that accepted the challenge of being a partner of ETNOS.


Due to this reality, the church's investment capacity for the implementation of community development projects was nil. In fact, to support their existing shelter program, they routinely borrowed from local moneylenders (access to credit in Myanmar is very limited) because they were always operating in the red.

A new way to get involved

In the ETNOS Community Development Program, we support the native church in the process of investigating an entrepreneurial initiative, so that from its profits it has the ability to sustain all projects developed with the local community.

​After a period of much research (market research, feasibility analysis, expert visits, etc.), the church  was able to implement a project idea which many members already had dreamt, but due to lack of financial resources, never had the opportunity to start. A swine farm focused on producing piglets for cutting and supplying quality sows to other small local producers.

This farm is not the end of the program, it is a means. The profitability generated by it is just a tool that allows the church to dream again of expanding its action in the community by means of a sustainable source of resources without depending on external help.

The farm implementation process was mediated by the technical support of many professionals and through a seed investment that gave the initial push. The construction of the farm, the search for human resources, suppliers, sales and distribution channels was carried out by the church. This partnership does not take away from the local community the sense of belonging and ownership in relation to the project.

ETNOS' relationship with a  local church is focused on empowerment. They are the protagonists of missionary action and we are supporters dedicated to enhancing their initiatives.


community training

Simultaneously with the prospection of entrepreneurial activity, we started a training in community development with all members of the church and we are producing a training of new facilitators, who will then replicate the program and the course in other Christian communities in the region. Our desire is to foster the flourishing of a movement of relevant churches that transform the lives of their communities through service.


Program Results


However, with the pandemic and the February 2021 military coup, we are temporarily unable to continue with our training because the borders between Thailand, where our regional office is located, and Myanmar are closed and the internet connection is very bad. which makes any remote model unfeasible.


Our expectation is that with the advancement of vaccination in both countries, we will be able to resume training in 2022.

The farm is in the process of full expansion and is already giving good answers in terms of financial returns. Two church members are employees of the farm and all profits from the farm have been directed towards emergency aid for families in the community who have been extremely financially affected in these months of pandemic.

The church has also been able to support the childcare project without needing to access loans,  and now provides better food and basic school supplies for the children.


Increasingly, the church has played a very important role within its community. And this performance has aroused the interest of many non-Christian people in knowing more about the proposal of this Gospel communicated through love.

Also, in early 2021, they supported another Christian community near the Thai border by donating a couple of pigs so they can replicate the farm project. This is our goal, to initiate movements that change realities among unreached peoples through independent, strong and sustainable churches.

We believe that all this has happened thanks to the love of God in us and the synergy that springs from the interaction of ETNOS with the native church. It is the body of Christ working in its fullness towards the final goal, to see Jesus worshiped in all languages , among all peoples forever and ever.

Be part of this movement to expand the Kingdom of God in places where He is not yet known.



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