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Thailand is predominantly Buddhist. Buddhism is directly linked to the idea of nation and constitutes a fundamental part of the cultural identification of Thai people in general.

In other words, being Thai is loving kingship, speaking Thai and being Buddhist. These are the three great pillars of Thai culture.

Christians have already understood that preaching Christianity in Thailand is not an easy task.


There has been a Christian presence in Thailand for over 300 years, but the presence of Christianity in the country is very small, around 0.07% of the population.

Another important factor is the history of Thailand. Due to the fact that Thailand has never been formally colonized by foreign countries, the local people have a strong resistance to anything that comes from outside.

Unfortunately Christianity is seen as a Western religion that steals or dilutes local cultural values.


When a Thai converts to Christ, his friends and family start to perceive him as a weak person who has surrendered to a foreign culture, and may even be passed over in his family.

Thailand has many ethnic groups, but the biggest one is the Thai people.

Image by Alex Azabache

Few churches that need
of help

In fact the number of Christians is very small and the task around them is immense. There are more than 70 unreached peoples in Thailand and within them, one of the most resistant is the Thai people themselves.

The few churches that do exist tend to be very small and timid faith communities, with few evangelistic programs and a lot of difficulty in engaging their members in the missionary task.


When Christians feel called to the work of God, they cannot find support to carry out missionary work.

Another need is building a local theology that is more responsive to the people and effective training that empowers these communities to serve.

Our Community Development training has been considered by experienced missionaries to be an excellent tool for awakening churches and their members to the missionary task.

This year we are starting new fronts of action in different Christian communities in Thailand. We are developing healthy relationships that provide lasting partnerships.

We hope that the gospel of Christ will flourish among these people, so beautiful and not yet reached by Christ.

If you want to know our Community Development program and its steps, click on the button below.


 Thai Churches

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