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Strategic Pillars


When the church is more involved with its own community, it is naturally perceived as a valued social agent in that place. The community’s positive perception of the church tends to open minds and hearts to the proposal of the gospel. Our goal as an organization is to collaborate with these small Christian communities so that they become more relevant in their own context.


We understand that the traditional form of evangelism among unreached peoples, carried out by foreign missionaries, is still very necessary. However, our organization believes that training, empowering and encouraging local Christians is the most efficient way to fulfill the task left by Jesus. Natives do not need to learn the local language, culture and religion, so they are the ideal agents for communicating the gospel of Christ without contextual barriers.


ETNOS 'relationship with the local church does not promote dependency and values the role of the native church. The local church must not depend on outside elements to carry out the Great Commission. A church that wants to proclaim the gospel to its own culture must be able to govern itself, to evangelize, to support itself, to produce theology, to give itself and to have its own cultural identity. Everything we do must reflect that belief.

Empowering native churches among unreached people groups is at the heart of Etnos.
We believe that these communities are better equipped for the evangelization of their own people.

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