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Community Development Program

A church more relevant in its city, which participates in solving the daily problems of its population, has more voice and more access to the non-Christian community. This is true in any context, but especially so among unreached people groups.

The community development program is a tool that we offer to the native church in the midst of the least evangelized peoples on Earth. This tool seeks to strengthen the relationship bonds between the church and the community where it is inserted, facilitating the process of evangelization.

The church becomes the basis for the transformation of the community and each individual. The program seeks to empower people, mobilize local resources and encourage the church to immerse themselves in the reality of the community around them.

Program Steps

Cultivating Healthy


Community Diagnosis

Partnership Proposal

The organization approaches the native church, its leaders and members, seeking to establish an integral, true and trusting relationship.

Understanding the local community is essential for us to be able to serve it in a relevant way. This diagnosis is essentially a household sample survey composed of questions that assess the economic, social, cultural, spiritual situation, the potential and limitations of the community, in addition to the network of local relationships. The research is conducted by the church with the support of our team. This joint action is essential, as it promotes a practical opportunity to witness the fruits of the synergy between Etnos and the church, which naturally contributes to the deepening of our relationship.

The third stage of our program represents a milestone in the transition between the initial period of building our relationship and the consolidation of a real partnership. Rites of passage are an important feature of the human experience as a whole and within the Christian context this is no different. Therefore, as a way of celebrating and thanking God for the time spent so far and as a request for wisdom and perseverance for the challenges that will arise during our journey, we consolidated the partnership based on a formal proposal.

This proposal involves the following projects:

Community Development Course (CDC)

The course proposal is to equip the church so that it is able to identify and respond to existing demands within its own context.


and Sustainability

We support the prospection and implementation of an entrepreneurial activity that is capable of sustainably financing community development projects that will emerge in response to the CDC.

Implementation and monitoring

We walk with the church as a partner that cooperates in the process of analyzing, evaluating and adjusting projects and the entrepreneurial initiative. The idea is for the church to feel increasingly empowered and able to act on its own in the face of challenges..

Train Coaches

We offer a preparation course for church members who are interested in replicating our program in other communities.

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