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About Etnos

We are a non-governmental and non-profit organization that, through community development projects, empowers native churches among unreached peoples. Our goal is to be recognized by the local church as a reliable partner that offers effective tools.


Relationship between Etnos and My Exchange

In order to finance Etnos' ministerial activities in a sustainable way, we developed the company My Exchange. This company has the exclusive objective of generating profitability that is capable of supporting Etnos missionary projects. All the profit of that company is used for this purpose.

My Exchange is part of the Etnos group and is subject to its organizational structure.


About My Exchange

My Exchange is a travel agency based in Thailand that offers and operates an exchange program with an emphasis on learning English. Our program combines affordable cost, high educational quality and cross-cultural experience.


ETNOS Organizational Structure

Although we have an organizational structure with well-defined functions, Etnos values ​​the maintenance of a plural and open environment, where decisions are made as a team, respecting and valuing all opinions.

Chiang Mai City

Our headquarters are located in the city of Chiang Mai, in northern Thailand, which is in one of the least evangelized regions in the world. This geographical location puts us in a logistically strategic position on the Asian continent as a whole.

Chiang Mai is also internationally recognized as one of the largest missionary hubs in the world, which gives us the opportunity to develop partnerships that enhance our work.

Our city also has numerous tourist spots, it is extremely safe, with a low cost of living in the midst of a modern and international environment.


What we look for

Etnos seeks people who are passionate about God and His Mission, lovers of human beings, who feel comfortable traveling, who are specialists in problem solving, who value critical thinking and teamwork.

If you are looking for a ministerial opportunity that will propel you to the full exercise of your potential, where you will have great participation in decisions and will be part of the process of expanding the Kingdom of God where He is not yet known, this is your place!

Missionary Business Coordinator

Workplace - Chiang Mai, Thailand

Reports to - CEO of ETNOS

Main goal

The Missionary Business Coordinator is responsible for the smooth running of the exchange program as a whole, managing and improving the relationship with suppliers, partners, travel agencies and customers.


  • Coordinate the relationship with the program's commercial representatives in Brazil, Europe, China and South Korea;

  • Coordinate team of activity supervisors and hospitality logistics for clients;

  • Manage and improve the relationship with suppliers;

  • Ensure the proper functioning of the program and preservation of the facilities;

  • Develop processes and procedures for the smooth running of the company's activities;

  • Coordinate team of teachers;

  • Develop partnerships to expand the program in other regions in Thailand;

  • Optimizing the use of resources and maximizing results;

  • Make payments, balance sheets and financial reports;

  • Render monthly accounts to the Etnos board about the company's development;



  • Complete higher education (business administration or related areas);

  • English advanced level;

  • Ability to deal with stressful situations;

  • Excellent communication and relationship skills;

  • High problem solving capacity;

Desirable skills and characteristics

  • Have previous experience in similar roles.



  • 40 hours a week

If you want to apply for this position, send an email with your resume attached with the job description in the subject to:

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